Venue 101 - Part Two:  The Quest for the Place

Venue 101 - Part Two:  The Quest for the Place

Well hello there again!  Yesterday we aired it all out regarding our silence on the blog for an absurd amount of time.  Today it is time to start delivering on our promise of returning to frequent blissful wedding blogging AND sharing the secrets of planning the wedding planners’ wedding!  

You may be thinking that you read this post already.  No, you are not crazy - Yes, we screwed up.  Technically, this piece was posted previously.  However, the poor little post got lost in the world wide web somewhere during the shuffle of our website update.  So, we re-wrote it.  Lucky for all of you, there are some updates so you can have up-to-the-minute info for your 2018-2019 Wedding Planning (and beyond)!

Before we get started - let’s review the specific characteristics we were looking for in a venue.  (You can read a more in depth explanation of each of these elements HERE.

  • Unique Setting

  • On-Site Restrooms

  • On-Site Lodging

  • Private Multi-Day Event Space


  • All Inclusive Site Fee

  • Indoor/Outdoor Space

Ok - now that we have refreshed everyone’s memory - let’s take a look at the places that we visited.  As a BONUS - we added a few more venues that we fell in love with this past year!  All of this information was originally summarized in a neat little chart and everyone seemed to like it - so we will go with chart-format again at the end of this list!  

Fiddle Lake Farm  -  Vintage barn/lake venue located in Thompson, PA. Stunning views of Elk Mountain Ski Resort.

Historic Watres Lodge at Lacawac  -  Located at Lacawac Sanctuary in the heart of the Northern Poconos in Lake Ariel, PA.

Settlers Inn  -  1920′s English Arts & Crafts Lodge.  The Poconos gateway to Main Street in Hawley, PA.

Silver Birches  -  Located on the shore of Lake Wallenpaupack - boasts breathtaking sunsets and can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Ledges Hotel  -  1890’s Federal-style structure in the natural beauty of rock ledges and the Paupack High Falls near the Hawley Silk Mill.

Fern Hall Inn  -  Historic country inn located on 117 acres near the shore of Crystal Lake in the Endless Mountains.

The Barn at Glistening Pond  -  Elegant barn venue located in Falls, PA - approximately 30 minutes from the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area.

Longacre Farm  -  Rustic barn venue located in Susquehanna, PA - just 40 minutes from Binghamton, NY.

Creekside Grove  -  Scenic picnic grove with covered pavilion in Lenoxville, PA just off Interstate 81.

The Farm at Cottrell Lake  -  Rustic barn venue with modern farm house located on 50 acres of picturesque property in Union Dale, PA.

Stone Bridge Inn  -  European-like village that emulates a quaint, alpine hideaway less than 3 hours from New York City and Philadelphia

Mansion at Noble Lane  -  Built for the founders of the F.W. Woolworth Company, the mansion sits on 22 lush acres in Bethany, PA - just 10 minutes from Honesdale, PA

Camp Timber Tops / Pine Forest Camp / Lake Owego Camp  -  Three camps located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in Greeley, PA.  Great outdoor venue for the adventurous couple.

We left out “Unique Setting” on the following chart because all of these venues are truly unique - that is why they made this list!  

venue chart.jpg

We understand that is a lot of information to take in at once - which is why we (of course) recommend that you should have a wedding planner.  Also - this is a very cut and dry chart. There are many other elements to consider when choosing a venue and without us writing a separate piece on each of these places (or visiting them yourself), you can’t fully understand what they have to offer,  what is included and what will be “extra.”  

So to wrap it up…let’s talk about the word “extra.”  Everyone hates that word when it comes to time and money.  The “extras” do not only cost you “extra” money, they also will take “extra” planning which takes “extra” time which can lead to “extra” stress.  Venues are not the only wedding planning element where “extras” need to be considered.  Every piece to the wedding puzzle has its own pros and cons to consider - entertainment, decor, photography, etc.  So if you want to have an “extra” awesome and FUN wedding planning experience, hire an “expert” to do the work for you!