$H!+ Happens - Even at YOUR Wedding!

Another frigid winter day today in Carbondale, PA left me needing some heartwarming inspiration.  I decided to read through some of our reviews from the past few years from amazing couples whose kind words always bring a smile to my face.  

Photo by  Amiee Blasko

Photo by Amiee Blasko

I realized while reflecting on past weddings that there are SO many things that can and WILL go wrong on the Big Day.  One of the most frequently asked questions by potential new clients looking to hire a wedding planner is “So, what exactly does a wedding planner do on the day of the wedding?”  I can never stop myself from chuckling at this question.  

Of course we keep everyone on a timeline, coordinate with vendors and direct them where to go, make sure everyone has their bouquets and boutonnieres for photos, fix the bride’s train before she walks down the aisle, etc., etc..  But the fun and often not so funny at the time answer to this question explains what ELSE wedding planners do on the day of the wedding.  We are master problem solvers, crisis averters, wearers of many hats, punching bags, stress relievers and peace keepers - and we do it all happily and calmly because we love what we do!

Here are some of my most memorable “oops-es” from real-life weddings.  All problems were solved in a timely fashion - aka IMMEDIATELY - and in most cases, the couple never even knew there was an issue!

  1. THE CAKE that “shifted” during transport (i.e. it totally collapsed beyond repair).  The couple never knew - until the next day of course.  I would also like to mention another CAKE (for a different wedding) that a family member tried to make which was an epic fail.  Replica replacement cake attained at a reasonable price in 12 hours.

  2. THE OFFICIANT who got lost on the way to the ceremony and then lost cell service (even after we gave them directions and asked them to please print them).  Don’t worry - our search and rescue team found them.

  3. THE SHUTTLE DRIVER who refused to make their second contracted run back to the hotel to pick up 50 guests for the reception who did not attend the ceremony and then proceeded to shout profanely at the mothers of the bride and groom.  Luckily we have friends with busses.

  4. THE CATERER who couldn’t get the beer that the groom requested so they just didn’t bring any….but we have a friend who owns a beer distributor and delivers!

  5. THE DJ who did not have the correct song versions for the father/daughter and mother/son dances.  We had them downloaded of course and were more than happy to share!

  6. THE BRIDE’S BOUQUET that fell apart before the ceremony even started.  Did you know that we are secretly trained as florists too?

  7. THE BAND who never emceed a wedding before.  We sound really good on a microphone!

  8. THE VIDEOGRAPHER who got stuck in a ditch at the end of the venue driveway.  I will leave this one to your imagination.

  9. THE PHOTOGRAPHER who spoke slightly louder than a mouse and could not get the 22 people in the bridal party to listen for more than 2 seconds.  We have great teacher voices.

  10. THE UNINVITED GUESTS  - yes...this actually happens.

  11. THE RENTAL COMPANY who only delivered ⅔ of the tent sides.  There was a glitch in their computer system so they only had 6 sides listed on the packing slip instead of 8!

  12. THE CUSTOM MADE SHADOW BOX GUEST BOOK that blew over and smashed.  Who else would know that there was a hardware store 15 minutes away that could custom cut and replace the glass?

Photo by SvetaY/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by SvetaY/iStock / Getty Images

Hiring a wedding planner is protecting your investment of both the time and money that you have put into your big day.  It is literally like having insurance that everything will go smoothly and when things go awry, they will be made right ASAP!