Where Have You Been, Young Lady?!?!

Where Have You Been, Young Lady?!?!


Hello December 4th!  With only 20 days left until Christmas arrives, I have not only been preparing for the holiday but also reflecting on where I was last year at this time.  I am grateful for how much joy and excitement this past year has brought but I am also feeling a bit remiss that I have not been taken care of LC Solutions the way I should have.  My blog and social media sites have fallen silent and I fear that I have lost followers.  #bigsadface

I know that many of you out there really enjoyed reading my blog and many have asked me why I stopped writing.  I realize that I left everyone hanging as you were waiting for updates to my personal wedding planning stories as well as tips, tricks and inside info for planning your own weddings.  I want to apologize and let you know that my absence was not intentional nor was it a product of laziness.  I am not one for excuses - BUT - while the last 12 months were amazing, they did not come without their fair share of hardships.  

When I started my business in 2014, I promised myself that family would always come first.  I vowed that I would never be one of those business owners who shut out the world and pushed away those who meant the most to me in order to get ahead.  I wanted to stay true to myself and always be there for those who supported me and helped me to reach the successful place where I stand today.  That being said, we had many, many, MANY family concerns this year that required a lot of my time and energy.  Now please do not get me wrong - I am not complaining and certainly did not mind this.  I was happy to help and fortunate that I am able to flex my schedule to be able to take care of my family - but it was a large part of the past year.  

Both of my parents had some serious medical issues.  My mother had 7 surgeries since October 2016 and almost lost her right (dominant) hand.  My father had a freak accident and had to be life flighted for emergency surgery and then landed back in ICU a few months later and almost died.  Neither of them could drive for months and needed help at home as well.  My grandmother was also hospitalized 4 times - the final stay lasting 51 days.  Add to this planning and having our own wedding (plus the other 21 that we had on the books) plus helping to keep my dog rescue It’s Ruff Without a Roof  running strong - can you understand where I am coming from?  

This blog is not going to be a place where I air out my dirty laundry - I will stick to the wedding stuff.  However, I felt compelled to explain myself a bit before I get back to what L.C. Solutions does best!  


Here are some final things that I just wanted to note before we return to blissful wedding blogging…

  1. We have a new website!  The web address is still the same but the look and content are updated and we are so excited to continue to make improvements.  I also have a new e-mail.  Feel free to say hello at lisa@lcsolutionsllc.com.

  2. #bigsadface again - during the website update, we lost a lot of our blog content.  However, that only means one thing - there is plenty of room to add more!  And we promise that we will!

  3. Our Facebook address has changed.  You can now find us at https://www.facebook.com/LCSolutionsWeddings/ .

  4. We only need 3 more likes to reach 550 on Facebook so drop by our page and give us a follow!

  5. We are going to try really hard to get better at posting on Instagram!  Be sure to follow us at @lcs_weddingplanner.

  6. We have a bunch of new and awesome reviews!  Check out what couples are saying about us on WeddingWire & The Knot!

  7. We are working with The Anthracite Center in Carbondale, PA to bring you a top secret surprise in March - Stay Tuned!  

  8. James and I did tie the knot at Fiddle Lake Farm on July 1, 2017.  It was every bit as magical as we hoped it would be and I promise to share all of the planning and coordination details with you!


A wise woman told me that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or what you think might happen tomorrow.  When you wake up each day, tell yourself that today is Day #1 and all that matters is what you do today.  I have been practicing this mindset over the past few weeks and it has really kicked up my mojo and put a new perspective on life for me.  


So today is Day #1 again for me - thank you MLB.  This blog post is for you =) xoxo  <3